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Heath Research Team Does Yoga

Last Friday (October 24, 2014), the Heath Research Team went to the Shri Yoga to take part in a restorative yoga session.  Restorative yoga emphasizes relaxation through focused attention upon one’s breathing.  The session was very successful with many of the team members enjoying their first experience of restorative yoga or yoga overall.  The instructor was very encouraging and provided excellent instructions.   Given the success, the Team agreed to take part in one yoga session every term.  Two team members (Devin Mills and Dana Carsley) provide their personal experiences below.

First time doing yoga! (Devin Mills)

I really liked my first experience with yoga.  Admittedly, I was really relaxed following the session and did not accomplish too much except for maintaining my state of relaxation later that night.  One of the things I noticed within the introduction of new poses was the amount of tension in my jaw.  I tended to clinch my jaw quite a bit.  With this in mind, I have been more alert about my clinching as an unconscious response to strain over the last week.  Additionally, I have tried to breathe more intentionally while writing and exercising.  I have found this to increase my alertness during my writing time and the effectiveness of my exercises (e.g., pilates).  I am excited to take part in future opportunities to try yoga and may consider taking classes myself.

Remembering to be mindful (Dana Carsley)

It was exciting to participate in an activity as team outside of school. Due to the fact that we are all typically very busy with school, restorative yoga was a great way to get together, de-stress and relax. At times it was difficult to remain mindful and present, as it is easy for our thoughts to wander, however, there were many moments where we were able to ‘get in the zone’ and focus on our breathing. I am also looking forward to becoming more involved in these types of mindfulness-based activities with the team!


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