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Dr. Heath has supervised over 40 graduate students in over 17 years at McGill. Some enter the program planning to be practitioners (school psychologists, consultants) and others plan to pursue an academic or research-based career. The individual student’s ultimate career goals are kept in mind and the student’s experience in the lab is tailored to allow them to graduate with the best possible standing. The exceptional track record of our graduate students is indicative of the success of our team model in providing support.

Expectations of the Research Program

The nature of the research students conduct in my lab varies from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. Doctoral theses consist of two or three related articles, one of which the doctoral student writes as sole author, another as first author in collaboration with me, and a third as second author in collaboration with me. Doctoral students are expected to coordinate their own dissertation project, which includes data collection with team support. Masters theses consist of one or two articles written in collaboration with me and possibly a senior student. Authorship order is determined based on capabilities and level of the student. Masters students are expected to work on an existing project and collect data with the team. Undergraduate (honors or research) projects consist of one research paper/article written in collaboration either with me or a senior team member. Undergraduates may collect data with the team or use an existing database for their thesis. All students of every level may be given the opportunity to participate in or lead conference posters/papers, publications, and other research activities.

*Please note that Dr. Heath is not accepting new graduate students for 2018-2019.*


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