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Announcement: Dr. Heath’s work on the Self-Injury Outreach and Support (SiOS), decsribed below, was highlighted in the 2011 McGill University Principal’s Report!

Resource: Self-Injury Outreach and Support (SiOS)

SiOS is a new online resource focusing on recovery from non-suicidal self-injury. It is the result of a collaboration between the Heath Research Team at McGill University and Stephen Lewis’ Self-injury and e-Mental Health Research Lab at Guelph University.

SiOS has downloadable best practice guides for professionals who work with those who self-injure, including school professionals and health professionals. It also has guides for parents, romantic partners, friends, and for those who are struggling with self-injury themselves.

Ressource: Feuilles d’information sur l’automutilation (en anglais et français)

Self-Injury Factsheets

The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injurious Behaviour in Adolescents and Young Adults has developed a variety of new factsheets, designed to synthesize existing information and fill-in some of the informational gaps related to non-suicidal self-injury. These factsheets are intended for a wide audience and include:

Traduit et adapté pour être utilisé au Québec par l’équipe de recherche du Dr. Nancy Heath, avec l’autorisation du programme de recherche de l’Université Cornell.

Cliquez ci-dessous pour les versions en français:

For more information, please visit the CRPSIB website by clicking the link below.


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